Have you ever wondered how anyone could possibly reject the Gospel? It truly is good news, you know. Who doesn’t want forgiveness of sin and a home in heaven? Obviously, we humans have a big problem. That “fall” in the Garden of Eden must have been on our heads! Our thinking is all mixed up. God pursues us to bless us and we run from Him. Go figure.
  I guess this explains in part Dr. Ann Gauger’s comment in World Magazine last December. She said during an interview, “Most scientists are blind to their own assumptions. They don’t even consider that there might be another explanation.” Such blindness causes the scientist (or layman) to choose to cling to their preconceived beliefs, such as the theory of evolution instead of embracing the often times obvious evidence in front of them that supports biblical creation.
  We could also discuss the ridiculous “assumptions” in our society regarding education, wealth, poverty, sexual orientation, government, entertainment, etc. etc. Instead, we will just be grateful today for grace and the ability to think God’s thoughts. There is hope for that nasty “fall” we took in the Garden!