You may be aware of the current battle going on in the public education arena. The controversy surrounds the new science standards issued by the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED). Following the lead of at least 17 other states updating their standards, the PED has stirred up a hornets nest among the government education faithful. In fact, a recent Albuquerque Journal OP-ED page included 17 letters of opposition, and one letter in favor of the new proposals. So - why all the fuss? Under the new plan, a reference to earth’s “4.6 billion – year history” was replaced with “geological history” in the middle school curriculum. The proposal also omits a reference to a “rise in global temperatures’ and replaces it with “fluctuations” in temperature.
  You would think that the omission of evolution, age of the earth, and climate change, were attacks against their sacred religious beliefs. You might be right. APS board member, Cindy Patterson voiced the opinion of many when she said, “It sounds like a religious group, a small group of people, is making these changes.” For the record, we have made no suggestions. Paradise Christian School and New Song Christian Fellowship just teach the truth – and that’s dangerous enough!