Fear is one of the most obvious results of mankind’s fall. Even the so called great ones among us have not been free from it. The great philosopher, Dr. Samuel Johnson, was very careful not to enter a room with his left foot leading. If by chance he did so, he would step back and reenter the room with right foot in front. He was terribly afraid of death as well, and would not even allow it to be mentioned in his presence. Julius Caesar considered the shouts of thousands of the enemy as sweet music to his ears and yet was mortally afraid of the sound of thunder. He always wanted to be underground to escape the dreadful noise. Marshal Saxe, who loved to look on the ranks of an opposing army, fled and screamed in terror at the sight of a cat. Peter the Great could scarcely be persuaded to cross a bridge, and whenever be placed his foot on one he would cry out with fear.
 So what’s your greatest fear today? My earliest and most intense fear was the fear of death. As a little 5 year old, I could not bear going to sleep in a totally dark room for fear of never waking up. However, at that same tender age, I came to know Jesus as my Lord. Not only did He save me from sin, but He rescued me from the fear of death! I highly recommend Him today, whatever your fears may be.it back!