In the most recent newsletter of Andrew Bush, he tells a very heartwarming story. It is about a family he met in Gaza a few months ago. In addition to living in poverty, this family had two small children who were handicapped with deformed feet, and couldn’t walk normally. Under Andrew’s leadership, and with help from the Bible Society, and gifts from churches like ours, they were able to get these kids to a podiatrist. Corrective shoes were made for both of them, and the results were amazing! You can check out their smiles for yourself on Brother Andrew’s mission letter posted in the foyer.
  “These are just two small children in an anonymous home in Gaza,” Andrew wrote. That word “anonymous” grips me because it speaks of unidentified, unknown people. They were people living in a little corner of the world, forgotten and alone, until our loving God sent His servant Andrew Bush across their path.
  This reminds me of the wonderful miracle of Christmas. I was one of those “anonymous” ones, and so were you! The few who know us would all too soon be forgotten with us. Oh the providence of God that refused to let it happen! Enter a baby, born in obscurity, to rescue all forgotten people.