We’re back! Two months of separation was two months too many. What President Trump said about the nation could apply to the church – “We weren’t made for this.” Separation and shutdown are not part of our spiritual DNA. In fact, the New Testament word for church, “Ekklesia,” refers to a group of people “gathered” for a special purpose. These Greek citizens were only assembled to discuss the affairs of state, but we who are citizens of heaven (see Philippians 3:20) have a much higher purpose. We meet to examine the truths of the Word of God, as well as to lift up our praises to the Sovereign of Heaven. In the process we share an unmatched fellowship with “the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ,” as well as with one other (see I John 1).
  We each came to Christ by individual decision, but by the grace of God we were all born again into a family. You can sense what this must have meant to Paul when he was alone in a Roman prison. Writing to the church at Philippi, he said, “For God is my witness, how greatly I long for you all with the affection of Jesus Christ.”
  So if we ever did take our gathering together as the family of God for granted, let it be no more. We’re back, and hopefully for a long time to come!

May 24, 2020