Stop the presses! Blow the trumpets! Raise the flag! It rained! I know that’s too many exclamation marks in a row, but really, can you blame me? Yes, we are still in a drought, but even a little rain is an encouragement. Even running in the rain on Thursday morning was exciting.
  I’m also happy to report that the new roof did not leak!! Chris Petroff used his flashlight and officially inspected the ceiling after Bible study on Wednesday night. This is just to let you know you can put away your umbrellas “inside” the auditorium if or when it rains again!
  I do feel sorry for our Christian brothers and sisters, however, who live in rainy places. It must be hard for them to appreciate the biblical symbolism of rain. For instance, we don’t need a commentary to understand the “droughts” Jeremiah talked about in Chapter 14. People mourned because the ground was parched “for there was no rain in the land.” And when we read Peter’s prophetic word in Acts 3, it’s easy for us to imagine a wonderful, drought – breaking rain. “Repent … so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” Even so O Lord, “come to us like rain” (Hosea 6:3) !