It’s hard to ignore an elephant in the room – especially if the elephant is very large! That seems to be the case with the current panic that has gripped the nation. For a while New Mexico was somewhat separated from all the fear, but this week we have been tossed into the middle of the madness. More troubling to me than the virus has been the reaction to the virus. Panic is its own epidemic isn’t it. That’s the real madness here, plus the fact that the governor has urged us all to stay away from church during this crisis. I do appreciate men like Pastor Smothermon of Legacy Church who publicly rebuked the governor for her remark, calling it “evil and godless”. The evil here is that there is no nationwide cry for prayer to the God of heaven and earth. There is no hope for the nation that forgets God (see Psalm 9:17), and no curse upon the one that seeks Him.
  Thank you for not obeying the governor’s request to “stay away from church” today. We are here to make a statement. Let it be known that our hope, now and for all eternity, is in God. Soon, no matter what precautions anyone takes, each of us will stand before God to give an account for our lives (Hebrews 9:27). There is no pagan answer for that day. Only the cross of Jesus makes sense!